Snow Cancellation Policy

It’s not clear yet what the weather on Saturday and Sunday is going to be; but since some forecasts suggest there’s a chance of snow and/or ice, we thought this was a good time to remind you about Midnight’s winter closing policy. There’s also some info in here that people who attend other nearby Washington events (Arcadia, etc.) might want to note.


In the five+ years Midnight has been running, it’s a rare Saturday that we haven’t been open. But we reserve the right to close if (1) we feel that actual or anticipated road conditions pose a significant danger to our guests, volunteers, and staff, or (2) the D.C. government’s response to such conditions, real or imagined, is to declare a “snow emergency.”

When the latter occurs, parking becomes banned on all designated “snow emergency routes”—and the list of those includes Connecticut Avenue, K, L, and M Streets, many of the numbered north- and southbound streets nearby, Rhode Island Avenue, and more. Park on one of them (regardless of how little snow is actually on the ground) once the wonderful D.C. government has declared an “emergency,” and you’re potentially subject to being ticketed ($250 fine last time we checked) and towed. When the skies shed white, D.C. far too often sees green.

Yes, there are several pricy parking garages in the area, and the District is full of hotels you can stay at if the weather really craps out and you’re a high roller. But neither The Meeting Place nor Midnight are so greedy or desperate for your business as to suggest that you invest such ridiculous sums and risk your life or vehicle just to join us if conditions are marginal. That’s especially true if, like some of our folks, you’re commuting from two or more hours away to be with us, from areas where things may be worse than they are locally.


If there’s any doubt as to whether the club will operate on a given Saturday, I’ll consult with both the Midnight and TMP staff and normally make a decision no later than 6:00 p.m. Once we’ve done that, we’ll try to get the word out through our mailing list, LJ, myspace, etc. Look online for any notice of cancellation by 7:00 p.m. at the very latest.

If you have no computer access at home, another option is to call one of the staff (if you have our numbers) or, after 8:30 p.m., to phone The Meeting Place (202-293-7755). If no one answers after 10 rings or so, chances are that we’re shut down for the week.

You might also want to listen to WTOP (103.5 FM)—which covers local news, traffic, and weather. If it reports that D.C. has imposed a “snow emergency,” chances are excellent that we’re not running.

Regardless of whether or not Midnight does decide to open any given winter Saturday, please, please take into consideration how road conditions are in your own area or may become before deciding whether or not to drive to D.C. There have been far too many traffic accidents and fatalities in our scene in recent years, and we definitely don’t want any more.


On the rare occasions that we reluctantly shut down the party, we’d appreciate your aid in spreading the word—online, by phone, smoke signals, or whatever.

Thanks, and we hope to be open and see you out this Saturday as usual!

— Scott & the Midnight crew


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